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Reward their hard work by booking direct, otherwise unknowingly you will be passing on up to 20% of the accommodation fee you pay to a middle man, booking engine. These commissions very often going straight to offshore tax havens and out of our community where the income helps our way of life and communities.

Dont be a wallflower, all of these providers would really welcome a chat to ensure that you pay the best rate available and get the best holiday experience!

Llandudno is Wales’s largest resort with a multitude of Llandudno hotels, traditional B&Bs, creative Self Catering and other attractions with amazing things to do.

The town is renowned for its sweeping bay and victorian era architecture. It is uniquely situated between the Great and Little Ormes with two wonderful beaches, the award winning North Shore and the quiet, sand duned West Shore.

This site is managed by local people who are based in the middle of the town and only list providers that really care about your visitor experience and our town – use this website to find them! When you book direct more of what you pay goes to the quality of your stay!






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Llandudno and area

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Llandudno has kept its Victorian and Edwardian elegance and splendour, despite its modern attractions. Check out its ever present beauty in this video showcasing some fantastic reasons to pay a visit.

Perhaps most notably, Llandudno was the regular holiday destination of Alice Liddell’s family, the same Alice Liddell who inspired Lewis Carroll ‘ titular character of the novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It is theorized that this wonderful resort and its majestic surroundings were inspiration for the extraordinary visuals of the story.

In 2022 the Great Orme Tramway will celebrate its 120th anniversary, yet each year thousands of people still take immense pleasure in travelling to the summit of the Great Orme in an original early twentieth century tramcar. Others prefer to wind their way around the headland, admiring some of the most strikingly beautiful and dramatic scenery, which is visible only from the Marine Drive. This four mile shelf was cut out of the sheer limestone cliffs in 1878 and is designed for vehicles and walkers alike. Alternatively, it is possible to catch a bus in opposte the Pier and go on an informative and visually rewarding sight-seeing tour of the Orme.

On foot or by car, however you choose to reach the plateau of the Great Orme, you can be quite sure that the whole day will be as fun-filled and action packed, or as peaceful and relaxed as your mood dictates. One visit is just never enough.

Llandudno’s Goats

llandudno goat outside 16 trinity square offices
These magnificent creatures have been hitting the world headlines, read more about their history and the Llandudno Goats connection with the town.

The goats wandered down from the high slopes of the Great Orme during the first covid lockdown and ever since have been regular visitors to the town centre.

If you want to find them you will probably need to climb the Great Orme, or you might be lucky and see them on a trip to the supermarket!

Enjoy our unique environment and support the local businesses, hotels, restaurants and attractions.