Blue Elephant Indian Restaurant

A firm favorite with Llandudno locals, you can see why when at the ‘Blue Elephant’ they have thrown all their energy and commitment to work in the kitchen. See what they say about their curry house –

It didn’t take us long to create new tantalising and aromatic dishes with masters in the kitchen. We have developed a real understanding and flair for indian cuisine with improved recopies and using a blend of exotic ingredients on the menu, we feel that our food has reached a new level of excellence.

The cuisine has undergone major changes since making its way from home indian kitchens. The experienced directors of ‘Blue Elephant’ along with their dedicated team and head chefs bring you a wealth of experience and expertise. This local indian restaurant llandudno has award winning signatures dishes, nationwide and internationally renowned.

Environmental Initiatives

The Blue Elephant are engaged environmentally, doing whatever they can to recycle and avoid food waste. Sourcing ingredients locally, reduces ‘food miles’. Use of energy is monitored closely which is good for the planet and good for the bottom line!

Locally Sourced

The restaurant in llandudno source locally wherever possible with great relationships with local butchers, seafood and fruit and veg suppliers for example. They know that these suppliers a high quality and in turn will source produce from local farms whenever they can.

Staff Local Knowledge

The front of house staff have lived in the area for a long time and are always happy to help visitors to the town make the most of thier Llandudno stay by suggesting other things they can do and places to visit.