Adventure in Llandudno

Not a destination, but a state of mind. North Wales has been voted one of the top four places in the word by those that should know, Lonely Planet Guides! Explore these adventure destinations to find out why for yourself.

North Wales is famous for it’s landscape and plentiful choice of outdoor activities. Conwy is an ideal destination for anybody looking to Incorporate some adventure into their trip, with activities on both land and water available locally.

Great Orme Nature Trail

The Great Orme is a majestic limestone headland rising proudly into the Irish sea. This awesome mountain is covered in greenery and rocks, eaten into with caves and with footpaths woven across its cliffs. This makes for a fabulous hiking route. ...

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Great Orme Copper Mine

The Great Orme is a wonderfully famous limestone headland, which is a much loved tourism area of sightseeing and interest. However, did you know that the formation is home to the most ancient mine system in Europe? Be amazed at a cavern carved ou...

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Llandudno Ski Slope and Toboggan Run

Long ago, the adrenaline fuelled sport of skiing and snowboarding were reserved for alpine climbs, and snowy locations in other corners of the globe. However thanks to latest technology and developments its now possible to have skiing right here i...

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Llandudno Boat Trips

Does being so close to the sea leave you with just a taste, wanting more? Never fear, even if you are just visiting Llandudno for a short while, you can take advantage of the awesome small scale excursions which operate directly out of the jetty o...

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