llandudno beach north shore

Llandudno actually has two beaches, the most famous beach is on the North Shore which incorporates the famous arching form and is adjoined by the promenade and elegant Edwardian hotel buildings. The West Shore beach is a much more wild affair, bearing the worst of the westerly weather patterns that hit the Llandudno peninsula.

The North Shore

This beach extends the full length of the bay between the two great headlands of the Great Orme and Little Orme. The sand on the beach has been overlaid with stones form most of its length to serve as coastal protection. There is a relatively small part of the beach that has been left sandy conveniently next to Llandudno pier and this serves as a focal point for many types of beach activity such as boat trips, the Beach Mission (during the Summer), donkey rides, and paddling in the waters.




Water Quality

Views to Wind turbines

The West Shore

Posh residential properties looking out, Marine Drive

Beach Cafe



Dangerous Sandbanks

Sewage treatment and outfall

Water Quality

Parking easy, with car park or on roads

Wind blown sand

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