We Scaffold Any House

If you are struggling to find a suitable solution for your domestic scaffolding – look no further – as We Scaffold Any House are the reliable experts! With them, you’ll discover a revolutionary way to organise scaffolding for your home. Every step will be taken care of for you, so you can sit back, relax and wait for your scaffolding North Wales to turn up on the day. 


Where are We Scaffold Any House based?


The company is based in North Wales, but their service area extends across the whole of the United Kingdom. They can supply scaffolding to Wales, England and Scotland. 


We Scaffold Any House have the experience and knowledge to take on every job, regardless of its size or complexity. They have been in the business for many years, so are confident and up for a challenge. 


They specialise, in particular, in scaffolding for domestic properties; covering scaffolding for gable ends, chimney stacks, roof repairs, conservatories and for painting access. 


How do I book scaffolding?


Most inquiries will not need a site visit beforehand, simply call up and explain the scaffolding you need. You may be asked to send over an image for reference – but this is all they will require to plan for the day. After all their time in the trade, the team will know what to do. 


Are they covid-safe?


We Scaffold Any House will always be careful to maintain a great level of hygiene and safety whilst they carry out their work installing and taking apart scaffolding. Their staff will adhere to social distancing and be respectful throughout the time at your property. 


The business has a money-back guarantee policy, keeping you covered if work cannot go ahead on the arranged date. You’ll get a full refund for any reason why it is no longer needed on a date. 


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