The Recovery Trust

Drug Rehab centres are a minefield and finding the right one for you needs can be tricky with so many out there, offering all different things. The Recovery Trust has made it easy for you – showing only the highest quality rehabilitation centres throughout the UK.

Their dedicated and experienced team will get you on the road to recovery in no time with their team of practitioners who will point you in the right direct to find the best rehab for you – delivering the best therapeutic programmes, best patient care and best value for money.

Recovery can come in all different forms including, gambling addiction, behavioural addiction, residential rehabs for substance misuse and mental health conditions. With The Recovery Trust you can rest easy knowing there is the right rehab centre out there for you.

Each rehab has their own way of dealing with addiction and recovery and the most notable are:

  •         12 step programmes
  •         Detox programmes
  •         Non-12 step

It is a common misconception that to be on a 12 step programme you have to be religious however there are many non-religious patients who have been on a 12 step programme that feel it has been highly beneficial.

Detox programmes are designed so that you are in isolation for 7 – 9 days from the outside world – meaning no contact with family and friends during this time – and triggers that may have caused your behaviour.

Each rehab has its own residential situation which includes female only, male only, mixed occupancy and young persons to make sure you feel comfortable in your surroundings.

Simply give The Recovery Trust a call, email or use their webchat to discuss what rehab center would be best for you.



The Recovery Trust

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