Parkland Place Residential Rehab

In the countryside behind the historical village of Old Colwyn sits Parkland Place, a residential rehab designed to luxury specification – specialising in drug and alcohol addiction, as well as other behavioural issues that challenge people every day.

The centre is run by CAIS, a registered charity with over four decades of expertise in supporting those who struggle with substance abuse and behavioural addictions.

CAIS prides itself on having great results from our attendees, who regularly pass their details onto others as the go-to recovery service.

Parkland Place – or Plas Parciau was built in the 1880s by a successful Cotton Spinner Joseph Smith who moved to the area to build himself a holiday home. he soon rose to prominence in the local community – being appointed Justice of Peace.

Parkland Place is staffed with leading psychologist and therapist professionals.

Parkland Place combines the resources that the grounds affords us – green spaces, wide-open skies and fresh air. Many of the guests get involved in the gardening as part of eco-therapy, reconnecting with the earth in a big way which stimulates the healing process.

Guests at Parkland Parkland Place must become and remain sober for the entirety of their time at Parkland Place. Many guests require structured medical detox with beginning their recovery journey.

For this reason, Parkland Place has seamless integration with the detoxification process at Salus Withnell Hall so there’s no complication regarding where and when you will get your treatment.

Confidentiality is central to the recovery work undertaken by guests, Cais do all they can to protect your privacy to the highest level during your stay at Parkland, all guests will be expected to share this commitment.

Parkland Place is operated by CAIS, a registered charity -with many decades of experience and expertise in their capabilities. CAIS’s mission is to empower people with a positive change in the lives of people who are affected with mental health issues, addictions, unemployment and other life challenges.

Parkland Place is situated amongst acres and acres of fertile green National Trust fields and countryside, it is proven that being in natural surroundings does wonders for mental and physiological recovery – especially when concerning mental health and addiction recovery. The team at Parkland Place also take groups who are recovering off for trips and excursions to some of the area’s most famously beautiful locations, including Anglesey, Snowdonia and the Llyn Peninsula which are all just a stone’s throw away.

the team at parkland not only put the people first but also hold themselves accountable for everything that takes place. they are very proud of the rich heritage of both the charity and the establishment in its many forms over the years. Parkland Place strives to implement innovative paths and techniques for recovery, they also want to continue to improve service, always moving towards excellence in every aspect.
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