Livetech Web Design and SEO Marketing

About Livetech

Born of a thirst for knowledge and technology, Livetech have tirelessly beavered away and adopted the best web technologies and methods that have emerged over the last twenty years.

Focused on Web Design, SEO and Digital Marketing

A group of genuine enthusiasts that have tamed their art to become among the most capable web development and marketing specialists in the North Wales region.


Livetech have developed strong competences across the range of digital marketing and can offer website design, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click advertising and web hosting. Tourism marketing clients are able to enjoy effective, lead generating campaigns that generate new customers and retain existing ones.

The company also provide aerial filming, drone, video and photography services.


Located in the heart of North Wales’ biggest seaside town, Llandudno, Livetech are ideally placed to serve the area. Location, coupled with an expert team ensures that the most effective digital marketing and campaigns can be experienced.