Insure 4 Construction

Searching for the perfect insurance policy for your construction business? Insure 4 Construction can provide specialist construction insurance in North Wales that aims to help you find the right cover for your business needs.

With over 50 years in insurance, Roger Stevens and Andy Halstead are utilising their experience and knowledge in the construction industry to ensure businesses are covered. Construction businesses require specialist cover as each and every trade has their own individual heightened risks attached to it. Many insurance policies are more generalised, however, Insure 4 Construction aim to create specialist insurance to cater for your particular needs as a contracting business whilst maintaining excellent terms and rates.

Insure 4 Construction works primarily with construction business with a turnover in excess of £1,000,000, however they do have clients with smaller businesses.

Areas of construction may include Builders, Painters & Decorators, Electricians, Scaffolders, Civil Engineers and Plumbers.

Construction Firms

Contractors Insurance North Wales is needed the majority of the time for new build work or general alteration or maintenance. Their work is focused primarily on private dwellings and commercial or industrial work, varying in services across different contract types. Highly competitive quotes from a wide range of insurers can be obtained to ensure your business is suitably covered.

Painting & Decorating Firms

Painters and Decorators Insurance North Wales can be difficult to find due to the increased risks in the work involved. Height exposure and the use of heat equipment have lead to an increase in large claims for insurance companies leading to a reduced amount of insurers who offer good terms and rates. However, Insure 4 Construction understands this sector very well and is able to provide competitive terms that ensure your business is fully covered.

Electrical Contractors

Due to the risks of inefficiency and financial loss, you will require specialist electrical contractors insurance North Wales. Employers Liability/Public Liability and Contract Works is often the core areas of cover for electrical contractors however, they are required to take out additional specialist insurance to insure all their risks are covered. Insure 4 Construction work in conjunction with those insurers to make sure you are fully covered.

Scaffolding Contractors

Scaffolders and Roofing Contractors have an increased risk from working at height and with heat, however many insurers will not provide additional terms for these. Insure 4 Construction have access to specialist insurers who assess your risks, by demonstrating how you are managing your risks as a business. Insure 4 Construction are there to help you obtain the relevant information needed for the best terms for your business needs.

Civil Engineering

Due to the varying roles of a Civil Engineer, civil engineering insurance North Wales can be difficult to ensure your business is fully covered. Insure 4 Construction aim to work with appropriate insurers who are comfortable with the increased risks and hazards a Civil Engineer presents. Insure 4 Construction have vast knowledge and experience in this sector and understand that Civil Engineers hold more complex contracts. They can make sure that you get the right insurance from companies who are happy to accept the extra risks.

Plumbing Firms

The best cover solutions for Plumbing Firms are easily obtained by Insure 4 Construction who have access to specialist insurer markets. Insure 4 Construction understand that there is increased risks to damage of properties following the application of water and heat. They will ensure that insurers get the necessary information about how you manage your risks to obtain the best rates and cover for your business needs to provide a complete specialist plumbers insurance North Wales.



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