Dewi Glyn Jones Funeral Directors

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed trying to arrange a funeral? Having the support and advice of Dewi Glyn Jones Funeral Directors Llandudno can relieve you of the stress of arranging a funeral. They will listen to your ideas and support you in your decision-making. They can provide you with good advice regarding the cost and local arrangements.

You can contact Dewi Glyn Jones if you have any questions about registering a death, attending the funeral, or anything else. So that you can relax and prepare for the future, they can take on as much of the burden as possible.

Funeral services include:


Direct Cremation

Unattended Cremation is the lowest cost service available. This is for people who prefer a very simple funeral service. This is a limited essential service only and is not suitable if you want to have a traditional funeral ceremony.

They provide these funeral arrangements on their premises in Penrhyn Bay. This may be important to you as some ‘direct cremation companies’ are not local family owned businesses.

Simple Funeral

The simple funeral service excludes any limousines and disbursements or third-party payments made on your behalf.

Traditional Funeral

The traditional funeral service is a popular choice made by families they care for; it seems to be the service most people recognise. All their services are tailor made to the family they are looking after at the time.


Funeral Plans

As well, they offer pre-paid funeral plans, which allow you to make your own arrangements, as well as assistance in planning a funeral. When you choose a pre-paid funeral plan, you can let others know what your wishes are without offending them, and you won’t have to be concerned about finances or decisions at the time of the funeral. It is possible to make funeral arrangements in advance at a time when you and your family are not distraught or emotionally upset.

Golden Charter Funeral Plans, their funeral planning company, invests the funds in a trust fund. AXA, one of the world’s largest insurers, protects and backs the trust fund. It is also regulated by the Financial Services Authority.


Dewi Glyn Jones will bring everything together to make everything as seamless as possible. Contact Dewi Glyn Jones to discuss your requirements.


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